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Compagnia San Michele - Malta

c/o 107/2 Church Street 

Xghajra XJR 1024


Compagnia San Michele- Malta is a historical interpretation group that researches and studies history in order to reproduce aspects of daily lives with which the public could interact.

This is achieved by researching information from original documents, visual arts and papers by acclaimed historians. This helps us  reconstruct characters and scenes to the minutest possible detail.


Prospective applicants are invited to  read the following information prior to submitting their application form


1.     Applicants must have a minimum of 18 years of age to apply. Should they be aged between 16 and 18, they need to present a letter of consent and have the application form countersigned  by their parents or legal guardians. Children below the age of 16 can join the group only if at least one of their parents / legal guardians is a member of the same group.

2.    Applicants must possess a clean criminal record (not required to be presented with the application form).

3.    Applicants must not be members of other re-enactment groups portraying the same historical periods. These are the late medieval period; renaissance and the early modern periods.

4.    The group has a non alignment policy with regards to political activities. As such applicants must not be members of political parties or directly involved in such activities.

5.     The group reserves the right to refuse an application for membership and shall not be bound to state its reasons for such refusal. 

6.     An interview shall be held prior to being enrolled as prospective members. Successful applicants shall join the group under a probation period of six months. 

7.    During this probation period, prospective members shall be required to show interest in the period they are representing; research and acquire the required clothing and accessories  (at least the basic) to interpret their role. Prospective members are encouraged to consult with the members of the group in order to establish the historical accuracy of the equipment and kit to be purchased.

8.     Members shall portray characters adequate to their person (such as physique and sex) and roles befitting their personal kit and equipment.

9.    Each member is required to have his or her own kit. No lending of equipment will occur.

10.    Once the six month probation period is over, the prospective member becomes a full member and will then be required to pay an annual membership fee. Children under 16 years of age are exempt from the membership fee.

11.   Membership may be terminated in the event that a member:

       a.    Fails to comply with the Group’s rules;

       b.    Is facing criminal charges;

       c.    Is in violation of the Group’s code of conduct;

       d.    Violates the Statute conditions